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Project Description


AUDREY is a 2 month old orphan growing up with her foster sisters Blueberry and Trudy. Her travel from Kuwait has been sponsored by generous donors. 

In Kuwait, people gives away kittens at 4-6 weeks or sell them really cheap at Friday Markets. If they aren’t sold, they will be left to die of dehydration in wire cares with no food or water.  There are also “pet stores” where cats are put in bird-like wire cages with other cats. Most cats are not given veterinary care because it is so expensive.

Sponsored by:

  1.  Julianne Jones – “In memory of my sweet little Louise”
  2. Tamara Sender – “Come to Chicago”
  3. John Smolarek – “She is precious”
  4. Brynne Pederson
  5. Debra Lynn
  6. Mallory Pennino

Quick Info

  • Breed: Persian
  • Age: 2 months
  • Location: Manitowoc, WI